Penford launches conditioning polymer


Penford Products, a bioproducts developer, has launched a new conditioning polymer designed to be used in hair and skin products.

PenCare DP is a patent pending, naturally-based cationic polymer with superior deposition and enhanced conditioning; it aims to leave hair and skin smooth and soft.

To support the commercial launch of PenCare DP, Penford has partnered with chemical distributor Univar.

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Greg Keenan, Penford’s Vice President and Director of Business Development, said: “The introduction of PenCare DP marks a breakthrough for Penford Products and the personal care industry as a whole. We’re confident that this polymer will resonate with formulators’ expectations for both performance and sustainability. The Technology Showcase is the perfect platform to introduce this innovation and Univar is the ideal partner to help us commercialise it.”

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