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Paul & Joe is a French fashion company founded by designer Sophie Albou – the beauty division of the company, Paul & Joe Beauté, launched in 2002 and has enjoyed much success. The brand is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and is famous for its covetable and limited edition cosmetics collections, many of which take their inspiration from the fashion lines.

Paul & Joe Beauté celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and things could not be going better for the brand as its innovative and creative products keep hitting shelves while customers still clamour to get their hands on them. Katie Middleweek reports on a French success story with a Japanese twist.

Paul & Joe was founded by French fashion designer Sophie Albou in 1995 and by 2002 she had expanded into the cosmetics field, recognising that while her fashion lines were extremely high end and expensive, she could make the brand more accessible and affordable by delving into the beauty world. She has not looked back since. The cosmetics arm of the company, Paul & Joe Beauté, has gone from strength to strength and the collections it produces, featuring designs such as covetable cats and stylish swans, have developed an almost cult following with customers storming shops to get the latest wares and items being traded on eBay for ever increasing amounts.

Toshi Ogaito is the international business development director for Albion, the Tokyo-based company which has the licensing rights to sell Paul & Joe Beauté. Shoichi Kobayashi, president and ceo of Albion, used to live in France and was acquainted with Sophie Albou and her family, so this is possibly where the first connection between the two brands was made.


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