Palmer’s marks belated 180th anniversary with rebrand

By Julia Wray 19-Nov-2021

The US cocoa butter label has colour coded its ranges for greater consistency

Cocoa butter skin care brand Palmer’s has rebranded its entire range to celebrate its ‘belated’ 180th anniversary, which took place in 2020.

The US-based, family-owned label’s new look associates each product range with a key colour for consistency and to stand out on shelf. It also includes a modernised orange, oval version of Palmer’s logo and a new font style.

Meanwhile, to streamline the brand message, ingredient icons have been included, together with concise information related to the features and benefits of each product.

The formulas have also been reimagined and are now 100% vegan-friendly. Moreover, the Coconut Oil Formula skin care range now includes antioxidant green coffee extract.

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Zahira Beddou, Marketing Director of Palmer’s, commented: “This new rebranding is one of many more improvements that we are working to bring to the brand over the coming months and years. We will be adding to the rebranding in 2022, which we will unveil very soon.”