Packaging firm Mondi makes one billion face mask components in battle against coronavirus

By Becky Bargh 3-Apr-2020

Production will take place at the company's German facility

As medical workers continue to grapple with the coronavirus outbreak, packaging firm Mondi has converted its production line to manufacture elastic straps for face masks.

The three-layered laminated straps will be made at the company’s Gronau plant, Germany, and will be sold on a reel that can be cut and attached to each side of the mask.

The masks will be supplied to consumers, as well as emergency and medical workers.

“Mondi Gronau is working to provide straps that will fit more than one billion nonwoven face masks,” said Michael Trinkaus, Director of R&D and Application Engineering for Mondi’s Personal Care Components division.

“As there is increasing demand for such types of face masks, we are building up our capability to meet this demand.

“By producing this soft elastic strap, we are able to produce more volume to meet growing demand.”

The company was also able to meet orders for mask straps from customers in China when the Covid-19 virus pandemic first broke out from its Taicang plant in China. .

Mondi has around 100 production sites across more than 30 countries, mainly in Europe, Russia, North America and South Africa.

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