P&G's Always supports girls in sport in new video


Study finds half of girls quit playing sports by the end of puberty

P&G's Always brand has released a new video as part of the #LikeAGirl campaign, which aims to break stereotypes surrounding attitudes towards what women can do and achieve.

The new video focuses on girls playing sports and the attitudes they have met with that could have set them back or put them off. One of the girls featured explains that a lot of boys have told her she can't play rugby "because she is a girl", while another who enjoys weightlifting has been asked whether she is afraid of "getting really massive".

The video follows a survey by Always, called Always Confidence & Puberty Survey, which shows that by the end of puberty, half of girls will have stop playing sports. The study also found that only one third of girls feel that society encourages girls to play sports, while seven out of ten girls who quit sports during puberty felt they did not belong in sports.

These stats exist despite the fact that the study found three of the top benefits of staying in sports girls reported are increased confidence (62%), teamwork (64%) and leadership skills (54%).

Alongside the new video, US soccer star and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan has teamed up with Always to lend her support. “At age thirteen one of my coaches told me that I wasn’t good enough. As a young girl just wanting to play and do my best, that was difficult to hear. It would have been easy for me to quit - but I wouldn’t be the confident person I am today if I had,” said Morgan.

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“That’s why I am proud to be part of the Always #LikeAGirl mission to help keep girls confident at puberty by inspiring them to keep playing sports.”