P&G and Asda save lives with clean water


The personal care and household brand, Procter and Gamble, has teamed up with the retailer to provide 75 million days of clean drinking water to developing countries

Procter and Gamble’s stable of beauty and household brands, including hair colouring brand nice ‘n easy, are participating in a special partnership with Asda to provide 75 million days of clean drinking water by the end of 2014 as part of the P&G and Asda Clean Drinking Water Campaign.

Thanks to UK shoppers, the P&G and Asda Clean Water Campaign, which launched in April 2013, has already helped provide more than 25 million days of clean drinking water to children and their families in the developing world.

From today until 19 March 2014 in Asda stores nationwide and at Asda.com, for every pack of nice’n easy Permanent Colour Crème purchased with the 1 pack = 1 day’s clean drinking water logo, P&G will provide one day’s clean drinking water to the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Programme (CSDW), meaning shoppers across the country can make a meaningful difference to someone’s life just by doing their weekly shop.

The CSDW Programme distributes water purification packets in developing countries. Invented by P&G scientist Dr Phil Souter, the water-purification sachets take just 30 minutes to turn dirty water into clean, drinkable water. Since this pioneering breakthrough, P&G water purification sachets have prevented an estimated 220+ million days of illness and helped save more than 29,000 lives.

P&G and Asda Clean Water Campaign is a crucial pillar of a total joint sustainability plan between P&G and Asda. For more information or to make a donation to the P&G & Asda Clean Water Campaign,visit.asda.com/cleanwater.

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