Overcoming energetic ageing


Olea VitaePLF is a cellular oil that fights energetic ageing via a new mechanism of action: the stimulation of mitochondrial synapses. Oscar Exposito, Mireia Perez, Ana Gallego, Maria Mas, Tarik Ruiz, Pau Riera, Daniel Luna and Sara Laplana write

Ageing affects our cellular energy levels. Like batteries, cells have a programmed obsolescence intimately linked to our skin vitality, which causes energetic ageing.

With time, there is a decrease of available cellular energy, since aged cells are incapable of recharging their internal energy correctly.

Mitochondria generate our cells’ energy, especially (as recently discovered) when they are fused. But with age and other factors such as stress or lack of sleep, there is a decrease in mitochondria biogenesis and their ability to communicate with each other to establish balanced mitochondrial interactions.


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