Out with the orange, in with the blue: Algenist develops ‘breakthrough’ vitamin C ingredient

By Becky Bargh 18-Aug-2021

Beauty brand has harnessed spirulina, a blue-green algae commonly found in supplements, for its new sku

Vitamin C has been hailed as the go-to ingredient for its brightening and moisturising properties, but skin care brand Algenist is backing a new type of vitamin C for its range.

Blue Algae Vitamin C is a new ‘breakthrough’ product from the brand that harnesses L-ascorbic acid from spirulina, a blue-green algae, typically used in foods and supplements.

The novel form of vitamin C helps to visibly restore skin clarity and improve texture in just ten days, according to the brand.

Developed for consumers of all skin types and tones, the product is said to even out skin and reverse signs of ageing.

“When we set out to solve a problem in ten days with each of our formulas, the process is rigorous,” said Algenist CEO Rose Fernandez.

“Today we have consumers searching for vitamin C at high rates. This inspired us to develop a naturally-derived, potent vitamin C from a bold, blue spirulina.

“In our scientific study, our new Blue Algae Vitamin C outperformed other commonly used forms of vitamin C and other brightening ingredients specifically used for targeting pigmentation that we tested.”

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The new product is available at Sephora for US$72.