On demand now: The Cost of Compliance vs Non-Compliance


Entering products into market quickly and in compliance is necessary for success. When launching your products, there are many compliance aspects to consider in a short timeframe. If not managed well, non-compliance can be detrimental to a company and lead to increased risk, damaged reputation, and legal obligations due to unsafe products.

In addition, it can be eye-opening how many unexpected costs are part of the product commercialization process that could have been avoided. Costs may occur due to inconsistent regulatory information and processes, gaps in communication, or mismanaging performance metrics within the commercialization process, and may not even be known.

On September 25th, 2019 Ithos Global CEO, Ken Bubeck, conducted a webinar on The Cost of Compliance Versus Non-Compliance and discussed best practices on how to stay ahead of continuously changing worldwide regulations, identify and reverse the costs and risks of compliance, and efficiently move through the product commercialization process.

Topics Covered:

  • Best practices to stay ahead of the continuously changing worldwide regulationsto reduce errors and re-work
  • How to pinpoint the costs and risks related to non-compliance in order to reverse or eliminate them
  • Effective ways to coordinate between business functions to allow faster movement throughout the product development lifecycle with reduced mistakes
  • The cost savings and financial benefits from a compliance system.
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You can view the webinar on-demand here for more information on how to streamline your product launch processes with increased accuracy.