Oil blend demand spikes as brands look to secure supply chain efficiency


Natural and organic oils specialist Kerfoot Group has identified an uptick in requests for innovative oil bends and infusions

Oil blend demand spikes as brands look to secure supply chain efficiency

Demand for oil blends and infusions is rising due to brands’ need for greater supply chain efficiency during the Covid-19 crisis, and growing consumer preference for natural ingredients.

Kerfoot Group, a UK-based supplier of natural and organic oils, essential oils, waxes and butters, said it noted a significant market shift towards the use of oil blends in personal care formulations.

Such blends comprise two carrier, flavour or scented oils, and are said to provide a fast and effective way of meeting consumer demand for ingredients that are as close to nature as possible.

“The personal care market is currently going through several transitionary periods at once,” Jeremy Founde, Commercial Manager at Kerfoot, explained.

“Covid-19 has no doubt played an important role, but in some ways, brands today are falling back on their core offering and doubling down on the products they already have in light of what have been, in some cases, considerable ingredients supply chain and logistics challenges.”

“We’re seeing many brands take the opportunity to reconnect with their customers and wanting to offer new formulations to break up the lockdown tedium,” he added.

“Blends and infusions are a great way to deliver new product development innovation without supply chain complexity. By procuring pre-blended oils, steps are removed in the production process to keep costs down and customers are assured of their speed to market with authentic and traceable ingredients.”

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Arnica, calendula and camellia-infused sunflower oil are cited by Founde as especially popular oil blends.