Oh K! launches new K-beauty mask to help fight the curse of "tech neck"


Lifting and shaping the jaw line

What's the first thing you do in the morning? Scroll Instagram? Us too!

In a generation that is un-ashamedly addicted to our phones, the time has come to embrace tech and use it as a tool to forge careers, create community and inspire followers!

But what effect does this have on our skin? It's time to fight the digital hangover and restore zen to a world that is clouded by blue light!

Firm and shape

Employ your digital defence and fight the curse of "Tech Neck", with Oh K!'s vitamin loaded, skin-loving, shaped hydrogel chin mask.

The powerhouse combo of marine extracts help to noticeably firm and plump the skin, while the carefully shaped v -mask maximises skin contact for maximum absorption!

Embrace the digital world and Oh K! will look after your skin whilst you do so.

Key ingredients:

RRP: £12

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Stockists: ohklife.com