Oat Silk is the latest luxuriant texturising ingredient from Oat Cosmetics


Oat Silk transforms the sensory attributes of emulsions by imparting a luxuriant and silky feel to skincare creams and lotions

For centuries, silk has been associated with luxury and comfort. Now, with Oat Cosmetics\' advanced technology, these traits can be introduced into everyday skincare creams and lotions with Oat Silk.

Oat Silk is an oat flour extract designed to offer textural modification of skin care and colour cosmetic formulations. At inclusion rates as low as 1%, Oat Silk can instantly transform the sensory attributes of even the most basic emulsions by imparting a luxuriant and silky feel to skincare creams and lotions. It is also ideal for colour cosmetic formulations as it demonstrates high compactability due to its fine particle size.

“We were very impressed by the highly perceivable sensory effects of Oat Silk. We incorporated it into a very basic emulsion chassis to really test its impact, and Oat Silk immediately transformed the texture and perceived value of the formulation. The smooth silky feel, coupled with the beneficial lipids and other active fractions within the Oat, make this a very useful addition to any skin care cream or lotion.”
Chris Smith, Chrysalis Health & Beauty

Oat Silk is a very fine off-white powder produced by fine milling the oat kernel after removing the outer bran layer. Unlike other cereal flours, oat flour is naturally high in polar lipids which increase the ingredient\'s efficacy and functionality making it easy to use.

Oat Silk is a cost effective and versatile ingredient which, when easily incorporated into cosmetic applications, has an immediate brightening and mattifying effect on skin tone.

For more information on this ingredient and to order a sample please visit our website www.oat.co.uk/ingredients-formulations/oatsilk/ or contact Angus Robertson, Business Development Manager +44 2380 767228 or ar@oat.co.uk

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