Oat Cosmetics applies for manufacturing process patent


Process turns wholegrain oat flour into cosmetics ingredient

Oat Cosmetics has applied for a patent to protect its manufacturing process of colloidal oatmeal, which turns wholegrain oat flour into an ingredient with cosmetic applications.

  The company says the ingredient is ideal for cosmetics formulators as it is highly soluble and therefore reduces manufacturing time. It is also said to absorb oil at higher levels compared to other flours, enhancing its emulsifying effect. The ingredient is certified natural, has a low microbial count, reducing the need for preservatives, is low cost and has enhanced anti-irritant properties.

“It is an important step for Oat Cosmetics that we are applying for this patent,” says Cark Maunsell, md, Oat Cosmetics commented. “We have always been committed to providing the cosmetics industry with a unique product and service and have been committed to supporting scientists and product development teams. This patent will further enhance our reputation as a global supplier with a unique offering.”