Northstar release new skin study report for UK oils


The UK natural oil specialist has released the results of a skin study completed earlier this year

UK natural oil specialists Northstar Lipids has released the results of a skin study completed earlier this year. The study, carried out at Alba Science Ltd, was designed to highlight the benefits of two of its more functional oils, Starflower and Echium, and one new oil, Arvensis, all of which are grown and processed in the UK. Chris Houghton, Northstar MD, commented “Since 2009 Northstar has pioneered the promotion of UK origin oils and is committed to an ongoing programme of new product development, supported by skin studies where relevant. We’ve enjoyed great success in the last two years with the support of some leading UK brands, but also see the need to enhance our R&D work to fulfil the future market demand, this also helps us to further differentiate us from the numerous traders out there who simply copy good ideas as they become more appealing, while putting very little behind true NPD. The study highlights the efficacy of the three oils particularly towards an older age group and the results are very positive. We were particularly keen to see how our new addition to the range, Arvensis oil, would perform. It's been under development for about three years and I am pleased to say that the results support further commercial development.”

The study report is available to R&D teams and manufacturers by contacting Northstar directly.

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