Nordstrom brings text message shopping to consumers


US retailer has debuted its new TextStyle service

US retailer Nordstrom has unveiled its new TextStyle service, giving shoppers the ability to shop and buy with a text message.

According to Nordstrom, it is the first retail company in the country to offer customers who opt in the ability to shop in this way; it has launched the service across all of its 116 US stores. Consumers are able to buy all of Nordstrom's products via TextStyle including cosmetics.

The service encourages a personal relationship between salespeople and consumers, with either party being able to send a direct text message to the other with a description or an image of a product. If the customer likes any of the recommended items, they can purchase by replying 'buy' plus a unique code. Items ship directly to the customer with free standard delivery.

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Jamie Nordstrom, President of stores, said: "TextStyle is an important step forward in our continued efforts to develop ways to serve customers on their terms. For customers who prefer text messaging, TextStyle is a way for our salespeople to provide a personalised styling experience and for customers to view and buy seamlessly with the convenience and simplicity of a text message, wherever and whenever they like."