New testing methods for moisture and its advantages


Gunja Springmann, Marianne Brandt, Stephan Bielfeldt and Klaus-Peter Wilhelm explore advances in moisturisation testing methods for claims

The moisturisation capabilities of a cosmetic product can provide relief for those with the problems of flaky, itching or irritated, or dry skins — not to mention dry hair and nails.

This moisturisation sector of the industry is enormously successful. And today, with rapid advances in skin and hair care innovations and increased consumer desire for solid performance products, moisturisers are expected to deliver not only this performance, but also longevity in terms of efficacy; hence, for example, '24-hour' or even '48-hour moisturisation' claims growing from a trend in this sector to an accepted 'norm' for consumers.

With advances in our knowledge of the skin — as well as greater capabilities to prevent and treat dry hair — methods of supporting the evidence required for moisturisation claims has also advanced.

In turn, these methods and the technologies employed are ...

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