New from BEAUTYLAB: Protect and repair face creams for mask-wearing skin


Protect your skin’s integrity while you protect yourself

Masks and face-coverings are predicted to remain a part of life for many months to come. However, whilst helping to keep us safe, regular or prolonged wear can play havoc with skin.

To address the most common concerns, BeautyLab is launching two new products that are completely unique to the skin care landscape - a new Pre-Mask Defence Barrier Cream and Post-Mask Skin Recovery Cream (both £25.00/100ml). Providing optimum skin defence whilst wearing the mask, and then aiding its repair once the covering is removed, the vegan-friendly formulas are perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

New from BEAUTYLAB: Protect and repair face creams for mask-wearing skin

BeautyLab Pre-Mask Defence Barrier Cream

An innovative, ultra-protective cream, designed to help prevent adverse skin reactions, minimise the effect of friction and reduce the potential for mechanical damage, irritations, dryness, flare-ups and red rashes. A plant-derived starch forms a flexible and continuous film over the skin, and acts as an effective barrier against micro-particles; while to optimise the skin’s defence and maintain its integrity, radish root peptide is added for its powerful antimicrobial properties.

Ceramide NG captures and retains the water necessary to keep the epidermis supple and smooth, as it helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier and support its repair. Polymers enhance moisturisation and work to prevent water loss. The complexion is reassuringly shielded and left soothed, more resilient and comfortable.

New from BEAUTYLAB: Protect and repair face creams for mask-wearing skin

BeautyLab Post-Mask Skin Recovery Cream

An intensely reparative cream that helps skin to recover, restore its equilibrium and aid in reducing irritations, dryness, clogged pores, flare-ups and rashes. Anti-inflammatory bisabolol soothes the skin, radish root peptide delivers a powerful antimicrobial action, and deeply penetrating pro-vitamin B5 helps to reduce itching or redness.

Plant collagen binds moisture to the skin and promotes smoothness and suppleness, while hyaluronic acid maintains hydration within the skin’s cells, plumps out mask lines and boosts elasticity and softness. A combination of peptides and proteins supports collagen synthesis and helps to alleviate roughness. The complexion is left feeling replete, calm and refreshed, with a healthier appearance.

Available: 16 March 2021
RRP: Both £25 RRP/100ml

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