New digital tool to help beauty brands become more sustainable launches


re/sources comprises five online modules for a 360° approach to sustainable product development

New digital tool to help beauty brands become more sustainable launches

A new digital platform to help beauty brands achieve their sustainability goals has launched.

Targeted at marketing directors of beauty labels to equip them with the tools required to make more informed decisions, re/sources comprises five online sustainability modules across packaging, formulation, certification, marketing and retail.

re/sources is said to be interactive, with each module featuring an average of ten sub-topics and bringing together expert interviews, quizzes, weekly live Q&A sessions and downloadable reports designed to suit busy beauty professionals’ available time and learning space.

The learning platform is the brainchild of beauty industry expert Eva Lagarde, who has worked on publications including Premium Beauty News and with cosmetics trade events including Cosmoprof and MakeUp in.

“Sustainability is a very important issue, but it's very confusing, because there's a lot of information coming from different sources,” Lagarde told Cosmetics Business. “I'm bringing to the table a neutral source of information. I'm neither a brand nor a supplier; my background is media, so I've always been between the supply side and the beauty brands.

"What I'm trying to give is a full picture, a 360° view of sustainability, saying ‘if you choose that solution, then the trade-offs are going to be this’, because everything is not black and white and there are compromises that brands have to make.”

New digital tool to help beauty brands become more sustainable launches

The main potential beneficiaries of re/sources are beauty marketing professionals, as Lagarde explained.

“This is targeted to marketing directors, mostly, rather than packaging or product development technologists, because I find that marketing directors have the final say, but don't have the full picture. With this module, they will be able to justify all of their business decisions.”

Interested parties can now sign up to re/sources' sustainable packaging module with an early bird rate.

Going forward, post-lockdown, Lagarde is keen to expand into intimate and focused workshops delving into various aspects of sustainable beauty, during which attendees can ask questions without fear of reprisal.

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“I want people to feel safe and unafraid to be vulnerable as well,” she added. “I think sustainability is a very vulnerable place, because it's not about money, it's about caring for people and for the planet.”