New beauty brand Daytox launches and breaks into Waitrose

By Becky Bargh 26-Sep-2018

Featuring a 6-sku range, the products are said to detoxify skin and help provide a fresh faced appearance

New beauty brand Daytox launches and breaks into Waitrose

New skin care brand Daytox has launched across the UK after landing a retail deal with supermarket chain Waitrose.

The range features six daily-use products (from £10) to ‘detox the skin’.

Together, the products are said to gradually promote a youthful appearance and defend against environmental factors.

This is achieved by Daytoxs combination of clinically tested active ingredients, including medicinal plants and oils, and its BioDtox complex.

Featured in the collection is a peel-off mask, volcanic mud mask, face tonic, vitamin C serum, face cream and eye serum.

The brand is owned and produced by German-based cosmetics firm L.A.B. Cosmetics, which claims only use plant-based formulations for its products.

All of the products are suitable for vegans and free from additives.

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