Nepheline is the new active ingredient targeting glycation

Nepheline is a natural plant extract

Nepheline is a natural plant extract tested in vivo and available in preservative-free formulation.

Laboratoire Phenobio has launched new anti-ageing active ingredient: Nepheline.

Nepheline is a natural plant extract able to exert a protective effect against protein glycation and AGEs (advanced glycation end products) formation.

Protein glycation and AGEs formation are accompanied by increased free radical activity in skin collagen which accelerates skin ageing.

Nepheline was tested in vivo by a panel of 20 women (2% in a face cream versus placebo). The anti-glycation efficacy was measured in the forearms, before and after 28 days of use, by quantification of the accumulation of AGEs (AGE ReaderTM device).

In addition, the anti-wrinkle action was also measured in the crow's feet area using fringe projection (wrinkle surface area and depth).

Nepheline is China compliant and is available in preservative-free formulation. It can be used in anti-ageing skincare products, such as anti-wrinkle for face, eye contour and décolleté products.