Naturals formulations: Exploring how ingredients get back to nature

The following are a diverse range of formulations across the make-up, skin care, hair care and bath & shower categories, which all boast natural claims

Formulation 1

Natural Protein Cream Shower Honey is a soft cleansing concept from Dr. Straetmans that provides a soft and smooth skin after feel.

Mix ingredients of phase A and heat up to 78°C. Mix components of phase B and heat up to 78°C. Emulsify phase B into phase A under stirring. Homogenise for two minutes using an Ultra Turrax. Cool down under slow stirring and add phase C. Adjust pH value to 5.3.

Formulation 2

A natural face toner to help reduce shine, refine pores and control oily skin, the Pore-fect Complexion Natural Face Toner formulation contains Croda’s Ecocert-certified organic solubiliser Natragem S140 and is made via cold process.

At room temperature, combine all ingredients with mixing. Check pH and adjust to 5.5 ± 0.5.

Formulation 3

In the hair care category, CLR proposes this rinse-off 5 in 1 Natural Hair Conditioner, which contains its Vitamin F forte and DayMoist CLR ingredients.

Pre-disperse phase A and heat up phases A and B separately to 80°C. Add phase A to B and homogenise using an Ultra Turrax. Cool down to 40°C and add phase C. Homogenise again. Cool down to room temperature with medium stirring and adjust pH value with phase D.

Formulation 4

A 100% Natural Foundation from Seppic with a light, satiny formula to even out the complexion, as well as anti-ageing efficacy thanks to the inclusion of Survicode.

Disperse Solagum AX in hot water phase with Silverson mixer. Emulsify the oil phase in the water phase with Silverson at 80°C then disperse pigments with Silverson. Add Aminat CB at about 40°C while mixing with Rayneri mixer.

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