Natural oatmeal forms base for high activity


Oat Cosmetics launches Ecocert approved colloidal oatmeal

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Oat Cosmetics has launched a new Ecocert approved ingredient claimed to impart anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, antioxidant and protective properties to skin care. Conventionally colloidal oatmeal was manufactured by ultra-fine grinding the insoluble flour and bran to allow it to become colloidal. However, as Cark Maunsell, managing director of Oat Cosmetics, explains: “We have developed an innovative process to solubilise the oat kernel to produce a fully natural oatmeal without the need to process the oats so extensively. And our finished ingredient is a cost effective and versatile base for skin creams and lotions where high activity is required.”

The ingredient produces superior results in finished products due to the complex composition of beta glucans, avenanthramides, phenolics and saponins within the oat kernel, says Oat Cosmetics.