Nails Inc banks on gel trend


The brand’s new Gel Effect line, out August, features plasticizer technology which creates a high shine finish

From August, British nail care brand Nails Inc is unveiling a host of new lines as part of its autumn/winter offering for 2013. The collection includes several new lines, including a four-piece Gel Effect range. The polishes are said to combine a glossy gel finish with the ease of at-home application. Each shade features the brand’s new plasticizer technology, which is said to help create the plumped and glossy finish associated with gel polishes. The “self levelling” polishes will also be housed in new square bottles, with each cap colour matched to reflect the shade of each polish. It will come in four shades: Porchester Square (nude), Bond Street (purple), Kensington High Street (mulberry) and St James (red), priced at £14 each.

Meanwhile, the brand is also releasing four new limited edition shades inspired by the trend towards violet and toffee colours seen on the catwalk. The line includes Regent Street (deep blue), St Martin’s Lane (deep wine), Old Bond Street (toffee) and Oxford Street (violet), priced at £25 for the set. Meanwhile, there’s also a new Foil Effect line that includes Chelsea Bridge Road (gold), South Kensington (silver) and Kings Road (rose gold), each priced at £12.

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Finally, the brand is also ramping up its offering of glitter shades with its Modern Art collection, a line of four glitter shades which have been blended with a matte base, along with its new Galaxy line, which features a combination of fine and crushed foil effect glitter particles in four contrasting colours.