NATRUE celebrates fifth birthday with certification milestone


NATRUE is celebrating its 5th anniversary

NATRUE, an international non-profit organisation that promotes and protects authentic natural and organic personal care products, is celebrating its 5th anniversary since the first product was awarded the NATRUE logo in 2009.

Five years on, 4,000 products are now certified to NATRUE standard at a global level. Of the products from approximately 150 brands, many are established names including well known ‘green beauty pioneers’, as well as young brands.

The 4,000th certification was given to an eye shadow, evidence says NATRUE, of the expanding repertoire of certified natural products available on the market. Today, 23% of NATRUE-certified products available in the UK are natural and organic make-up lines.

"We are proud of the successes of the past five years, hailed by the arrival of the 4,000th NATRUE-certified product. This confirms that we have established ourselves as a credible and significant player in the organic and natural cosmetics sector. The impressive growth in the number of NATRUE-certified products illustrates that manufacturers and consumers are looking for a trusted and strict standard for their cosmetics, to distinguish them from the many ‘greenwashed’ products out there", commented Klara Ahlers, President of NATRUE.

The NATRUE logo is intended to guarantee quality and authenticity, allowing consumers to see at a glance whether a product contains top quality raw materials, and is free from artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives such as parabens. No paraffin oils, petroleum-derived ingredients, silicone oils or GMOs are permitted.

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