NAGASE Personal Care's Establishment in Lyon

By working with the best experts in the cosmetic and skin biology field, NAGASE Personal Care designs and manages testing protocols to highlight the efficacy of its ingredients using innovative methods such as 3D skin equivalent models.

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Reconstructed human skin or epidermis were developed at the end of the 1990s. Since the first basic in vitro models which included only keratinocytes and fibroblasts, more complex models containing melanocytes, endothelial cells, immunocompetent cells or nerve cells have been produced.

Models mimicking a specific disease such as atopic dermatitis or a phenomenon like ageing have also been created.

Recently, 3D bioprinting has opened doors on the reconstruction of skin compounds never reconstructed before, such as sebaceous glands.

These models, closer and closer to the real skin, allow to study the effect and the mechanisms of action of ingredients not only on a unique cell type, but on the skin as a whole tissue and in a particular condition. Thus, using such in vitro skin models predict the efficacy of the ingredients and consequently may limit in vivo studies.

Moreover, providing support for the formulation of the ingredients is also a part of NAGASE Personal Care's consideration.

Finally, by collaborating with its partners to build a strong working relationship, it contributes to the recent advances in skin biology. Indeed, finding out new cosmetic targets, as well as participating in the development of methods which allow a better evaluation of the skin and a better comprehension of its physiology is one of its priorities.

To conclude, besides providing novel ingredients that fit local trends and regulations, NAGASE Personal Care desires to offer to its customers and partners the best services.

To expand its network across the globe, they have recently opened an office in Lyon in France, allowing the company to bring value to its current offers, notably using 3D skin models.

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