Most trans people have been misgendered in a salon

Pantene is partnering with charity Dresscode Project to educate salon owners about the LGBT+ community

Paris Lees for Pantene

Nearly all trans people have been misgendered during a salon visit, a new study has found.

Pantene polled 200 people who identified as transgender or non-binary about their experiences at hair salons, and discovered that 93% had been addressed as the wrong gender.

Almost one third (29%) of reported feeling stressed every time they visit a hair salon and almost a 24% feel anxious about it.

With this in mind, the P&G-owned brand has partnered with awareness group Dresscode Project to educate stylists about the importance of supporting their LGBTQ+ clients, as well as creating spaces for transgender and on-binary peole to feel comfortable.

It is working with the charity to create a platform for customers to find trained salons in their area.

Pantene is also donating 5p to the Dresscode Project for each Pantene product purchased at Superdrug stores or on until 3 December.

The initiative is part of P&G’s strategy to develop its purpose-led marketing.

Last month, P&G removed removed the Venus symbol on the packaging of its Always menstrual pads in order to be inclusive of trans and non-binary consumers.

In June, the conglomerated unveiled a short film ‘The Look’ to highlight the daily struggles of a black man in the US.

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