Mintel showcases the future of vitamins and supplements in new report


VMS producers should capture the attention of eco-dieters by focusing on planetary health, as well as human health

Key points included

  • Align VMS with broader food and drink trends
  • Deliver clean label and transparency in VMS
  • Functional claims in VMS to become more holistic.

The big stories

VMS producers can align to broader food/drink trends like plant-based dieting and eco-dieting. Blockchain IT may open opportunities for producers to deliver transparency, while expectations for clean label will continue.

VMS health claims can become more holistic, focusing on emotional and mental health, as well as physical health.

In the next two years

VMS can target oral and skin microbiomes, as well as the gut microbiome, with ingredients like postbiotics. VMS have a role to play in preventing and treating health issues, from conception to the later years. Blue light from screen time, increasing maternal ages and pollution may offer new opportunities for VMS.

In five years and beyond

Sustainability will start to become a hygiene factor for some consumers, which may drive a refill revolution in VMS. The active ingredient in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, could follow the footsteps of cannabidiol (CBD), and consumers will expect a greater degree of personalisation from VMS, using DNA test kits, for example.

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