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Skin is an ecosystem. It is inhabited by millions of microbes which consist the skin’s flora e.g. microbiome. Various factors like age, sex, the use of antibiotics, cosmetics, soaps, sanitisers, disinfectants, personal care products, hygiene or even diet can influence the skin microbiome’s delicate balance and diversity.

Unwanted alteration of the skin microbiota can cause roughness, irritation, dermatitis, acne, allergies, discolourations etc.

Based on long efficacy testing experience and molecular biology tools, QACS Labs provides suitable clinical trials for your product microbiome claims in the form of customised microbiome protocols.

Our dedicated team of scientists (dermatologists, microbiologists and molecular biologists) offers a variety of options to address your products needs and budget.

We use classical microbiology and DNA identification via Sanger Sequencing of the isolates or Next Generation Sequencing according to the depth that you need to analyse to support your claim. DNA Microlab, member of QACS:

  • Designs the trial
  • Finds prerequisite suitable volunteers for your product
  • Conducts sampling and physico-chemical skin measurements during trial
  • Analyses samples
  • Interpreters the results, giving you a dossier to substantiate claims.
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For molecular testing solutions and microbiome claims contact QACS Lab at info@qacs.gr

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