Metsä packaging design challenge winner scraps the need for bubble wrap


Metsä Board has named the winner of its Better with Less – Design Challenge as ‘Stretching Inner Part’ by Iiro Numminen.

The competition, launched in 2017, aims to find environmentally friendly and functional packaging solutions for some of the world’s most frequently used and fastest growing types of consumer packages.

Numminen’s winning design is a corrugated box inner part that allows for variable sized products to be packed without the need for bubble wrap.

Cyril Drouet, Metsä’s Design and Innovation Director, called the solution “appealing, versatile, scalable and adaptable”.

He said: "The winning design successfully eliminates the need for plastic thermoformed inserts of bubble wrap.

"The balance between the rigidity of the board and the strength required to support the product weight is well-thought through. This design is extremely appealing, versatile, scalable and adaptable for wide number of uses."

Numminen will receive the main prize of €10,000 for his design.

The 1st honourary mention went to the ‘Plastic banning toilet roll’ by Jeroen Caelen.

Meanwhile, the 2nd honourary mention was awarded to ‘The Moisture face creme cosmetic package’ designed by Abdullah Cam, and Pawel Krawczugo took home the 3rd honourary mention with his design ‘TWIST’.

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