Melanin Activating Peptides prove popular in self tanning


MAPs are finding a natural application in self-tanning according to Euromonitor

The Melanin Activating Peptides (MAPs) are gaining momentum in self-tanning thanks to their efficacy, according to market analyst Euromonitor. However, ingredients manufacturers could increase their sales by promoting their use in multifunctional skin care products, as self-tanning is a relatively small category that presently accounts for only 5% of the global sun care market.

Because they stimulate the production of melanin, MAPs are finding a natural application in self-tanning, said Anais Mirval. “Although niche at the moment, we can expect a growing number of self-tanning products to include them in their formulations.” She added: “Product manufacturers could capitalise on MAPs to improve the attractiveness of their products. They are supported by the health and wellness trend as they provide a natural looking tan and limit the effects of chronic UVA and UVB exposure.”

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Outside the core self-tanning category, skin care is believed to offer the best future growth prospects for MAP ingredients. “Peptides are expensive ingredients,” said Mirval, “and as economies struggle, MAP and self-tanning product manufacturers will have to think outside the box to maximise their revenues”.