Meet the #ConnectedGenerations


The use of electronic devices is growing everywhere and across all generations. In less than 30 years, this digital revolution has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and our relationship to the world.


We all have the eyes drawn to this tiny flashing light announcing the arrival of a new email, notification or text message, sometimes that much that we even forget our good manners.

It's a fact: we are addicted to our phones, with this permanent fear to miss an event or information. And it is almost now impossible to spend a day without checking emails or visiting social media.

This behaviour is not without consequences. We know that screens may impact our sleep quality by disrupting our circadian rhythm. They are also responsible for eye strain and could even cause eyesight disorders.

However, regarding the skin, the impact of screen emitted light is far less understood.

Connected Generations

#Babyboomers, #GenerationX, #GenerationY, #GenerationZ... they are all consuming digital content in their own way.

Gattefossé has studied the impact of digital screen exposure on the skin and has developed skin care solutions adapted to each generation and digital usage.

#Baby Boomers

Meet Frank & Jane.

Frank and Jane have just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Their work lives have been a success. Without any difficulties to find a job after their studies, they easily climbed the ladder to reach a steady job. Soon, they will be enjoying a well deserved retirement.

Their children are adults and have already left the house but they initiated Frank & Jane to the joys of new technologies. They are now well equipped, with high-end computers and tablets.

They are also subscribed to social networks. They enjoy calling their children using Skype or Whatsapp. Late adopters, they became seduced users of all types of electronic devices.

Jane would like a comfortable cream that respects her skin and protect it from daily aggressions like the sun. She feels using all those new technologies makes her skin even more attacked. She is looking for a light and easily absorbed day cream to nourish and hydrate her skin.

Frank has a hard time to admit it but he sometimes feels the need to hydrate his face too and steals Jane's creams in secret.

Discover Wide Screen SPF 30, a daily cream with broad spectrum protection inside and outside.

#Generation X

Meet Julia.

Julia is now well set in life. She starts to have quite a lot of experience in her work life and feels confident. On the personal front, she just had her second child.

She feels overwhelmed sometimes and struggle to keep up everything that is why she often feels tired. She has known the world with and without technologies but still she loves being connected.

She enjoys reading books and likes cultural things but she also stays informed everyday on Internet by listening to podcasts and by watching shows. She is also in contact with her friends that she sees less than before on various social networks.

Julia believes new technologies have an impact on her skin and her sleep. She is looking for a cream that would help her put up with her busy lifestyle.

Thankfully, she just found the perfect night cream with anti-fatigue benefits. It acts during the night for a fresh, revitalised and protected skin in the morning. She can use her electronic devices in bed with no fear!

Discover the Evening Skin Charger, a fully natural protective cream against digital screen light.


Meet Emma.

Emma belongs to the Selfie Generation. She barely remembers a world without computers and her phone is like her hand. She has a unique style that she nurtures through her clothes but also her make-up.

This makes her feel empowered and brands help her reach this state of mind. She has just started working recently. Her social life always comes first and, if not in real life, she communicates to her contacts around the world via social networks like Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook by posting her thoughts, pictures and videos of her life.

She is desperate to appear flawless all at all times. Always ready to take a selfie, she loves to share it with the rest of her generation.

Emma is interested in natural products that will help her express her unique style but also in cosmetics that will give her the same perfect face she gets with Snapchat filters. In the morning, she finds it easy to use a stick on her cheeks to enlighten her face and obtain a perfect glow.

Learn more about our Selfie Stick, a highlighter for instant glow.


Meet Billy.

Billy is part of the Gen Next. Still in high school, he is a digital native; this means he was born with technologies and social medias.

He is ultra connected and over-informed. He communicates with emojis to express his feelings and emotions. Born after 9/11, he is more mature than the previous generations and wants to change the world.

Also more implied, he likes to choose brands that share his ethical values and he doesn't hesitate to express his position with activist purchases. He constantly follows tutorials and influencers on YouTube. Open-minded, he will fight for freedom, social equity and ecology.

Billy was born with technology and social media. More informed and more implied, he likes to choose brands that share his values.

He expresses his open-minded opinions and will to change the world thanks to activist purchases. Still young, he likes to pick beauty products which treat his sensitive and reactive skin, often prone to breakouts. He also has strong preferences for day creams that are natural and gender neutral.

Discover Augmented Neutrality, a gender-neutral cream.

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