Meet Botanyx: The luxury and ethical skin care brand


Botanyx is a luxurious and ethical skin care brand containing organic and natural results driven ingredients formulated to combat the key concerns of modern lifestyle and ageing

Meet Botanyx: The luxury and ethical skin care brand

Founded by Yasmin Ullah a biologist and passionate advocate of holistic health and lifestyle medicine, and a certified organic skin care formulator after suffering from rosacea and dry skin problems due to the natural ageing process.

She developed a natural skin care range for her own personal use at first and seeing the dramatic results and improvement it had on her skin, she was inspired by the beauty and intelligence of nature to create her brand Botanyx.

Botanyx was created out of the concept that beauty and wellness begin from the inside out and self-care and self-love should be our journey towards living a healthy holistic lifestyle that connects with the natural rhythms of nature for graceful ageing and optimum health.

Botanyx launched their multi award winning facial oil serums to combat the key concerns of modern lifestyle and ageing that contribute to a loss of radiance, dehydration and dry skin issues to provide nourishment and healing to the skin.

Some key ingredients include micro-algae and nutrient rich exotic botanical oils such as pomegranate, prickly pear, watermelon and passion fruit as well as Co enzyme Q 10 and other powerful botanical extracts and antioxidants.

Lifestyle skin ageing is increasing as our lives get busier and more stressful. This impacts our sleep resulting in continuous tiredness, all contributing to the production of stress hormone cortisol, which impairs many functions of the skin from its ability to heal, renew and rejuvenate as well as disrupting the skins own circadian cycle.

Botanyx Midnight Cellular Restore night serum is a rich intensive and velvety soft serum that helps to rebalance skin homeostasis while you sleep helping to stimulate skin renewal and healing to provide regenerative and collagen boosting nourishment to help improve skin elasticity, hydration and radiance.

Urban pollutants and harmful blue light exposure from digital devices are one of the most challenging by products of our modern lifestyle.

They weaken and disrupt the integrity of the skin leading to skin sensitivities inflammation, dehydrated and itching skin resulting in premature ageing by the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

Botanyx Protect + Nourish antipollution day serum helps defend skin against environmental aggressors such as urban and digital pollution.

Infused with a blend of powerful plant botanicals and extracts this serum helps to nourish and support skin barrier integrity by locking in moisture, reducing inflammation, rebalancing skins own antioxidant levels so skin is protected against collagen and elastin degradation.

This leaves skin looking plumper, smoother, well-toned with a youthful glowing radiance.

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