Mask expert Technature exhibits at in-cosmetics Amsterdam


Stand J50 / J60

Historic subcontractor of famous beauty and spa brands and more recently in retail, Technature offers full turnkey services: formulation, R&D, manufacturing and filling of cosmetics products like peel-off mask, skin cares, powders, bio-cellulose, hydrogel.

As creator of forward-looking cosmetic concepts, the French company regularly develops technical innovations or play innovations, which are committed professional gesture, surprising texture and Made in France.

In 2008, Technature applied for a patent for the self-heating massage stones creation; in 2009, the Shaker Masks were appearing on the market and quickly become the 'must have' for many brands; in 2010, a new cosmetic gesture with the fresh and silky texture of the Silky Gel Mask; in 2011, Technature highlights an organic peel-off mask certified by ECOCERT.

In 2012, the company launched a new generation of masks, coming from biotechnologies: Bio-cellulose masks and patches made in France (face, neck & eyes). In 2013 and 2014, the development of a complete sheet masks.

2015 is no exception and is dedicated to the Innovation with the new launch of Hydrogel masks and patches made in France. A unique gel texture with a choice of design, formats and active ingredients according to your creativity.

In 2016, Technature has developed - in collaboration with the start-up LeafLab - a new ritual of beauty that highlights the benefits of the plants: the botanical mask Leaf mask. Natural and composed of plants, the Leaf mask is a cosmetic mask with plant fibers and plant extracts. It is mainly composed of green tea and peppermint. In 2017, the company launched new masks: the Bubble mask and Black mask.

It is in this belief that Technature are busy developing several new products, which we will present at in-cosmetics Amsterdam such as:

BB GEL Skin Perfection, this unique skin care combines the gel with actives ingredients and pigments encapsulated in the pearls. These 'magic' pearls melts into the skin to reveal a natural shade.

Leaf mask Rose Chamomile, a botanical mask with pure-plants.

A new range of Cosmos products

  • The Triphase serum, 3 in 1 booster. A concentrate of actives in each phase:
    • Precious vegetable oils for a healthy glow
    • Emollients ingredients for skin hydration
    • Patented actives selected for their anti-ageing and firming effects which will give a new life to your skin

    The SoftCell Mask, softer than silk.

    See below for more information about the company and its products:

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