Marie Claire opens beauty innovation pop-up store

By Sarah Parsons 15-Sep-2017

The lifestyle magazine has partnered with Mastercard to launch The Next Big Big Thing Concept Shop in New York

Marie Claire opens beauty innovation pop-up store

Marie Claire magazine is launching a pop-up shop to bring the latest retail innovations to New York consumers.

Open from 23 September - 12 October, in partnership with Mastercard, The Next Big Big Thing Concept Shop has been inspired by the magazine’s sections: @Work, @Play and @Peak.

@Work helps readers get ahead in their career, style and success; @Play is a guide to going out, staying in and getting away; and @Peak is the magazine’s wellness resource.

“Since its inception, Marie Claire has led influential and important women on the path to discovery, proving that curiosity is the best currency,” said Nancy Berger, Marie Claire Vice President/Publisher.

Highlights of the store include smart mirrors from Oak Labs and Clarins: the latter will present its new Sensor Mirror Pro, a VR mirror developed by MemoMi, that offers skin care recommendations.

"Today's consumer is seeking a seamlessly integrated experience across both the digital and physical environment,” said Sherri Haymond, Executive VP of Digital Partnerships, Mastercard.

“At the Next Big Thing Concept Shop, we will showcase how retailers can do that by blending Internet of Things (IOT) devices, such as smart mirrors and windows.”

Nail care brand sundays Nail Studio will also provide in-store technicians offering nail-art, manicures and meditation classes.

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The store’s launch coincides with Marie Claire’s October issue, which features a six-page guide on how to enhance your life.