M&H pushes the pedal to the floor for Car Masutra


New range aimed at well groomed boy racers

   M&H Plastics has sorted out the body work for Car Masutra’s line of men’s products, Body Repair Kit, aimed at the well groomed boy racer. The range – comprising a shower gel called Body Work, Flash Git bath soak and Petrol Head, a 2-in-1 shampoo – is packaged in a distinctive black and white chequered flag outer. The chunky HDPE bottles (part of M&H’s standard portfolio) and the metal caps featuring a gear stick graphic are said to endow the products with a powerful sporty character.

M&H has also worked with Boots and packaging design specialist JKR to develop a new range of Soltan sun care products. Four HDPE custom moulded bottles were featured: a 200ml and 75ml spray pack, plus a 400ml and 200ml tottle. The packaging company says the unusual shoulder profile meant meticulous development was needed to ensure precise cap and bottle alignment.