M&H packages Bottled Science


The creator of beauty drink Skinade chooses M&H

Bottled Science Ltd is working with M&H Plastics, a member of the RPC Group, on the packaging for Skinade, according to Bottled Science, "a beauty product designed to boost the body’s own production of collagen to improve the look of skin."

The product, marketed as ‘better skin from within’, is a professional-channel only product manufactured in the UK since March 2013 and sold by beauty professionals, dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons.

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According to Bottled Science, packaging was sourced from M&H Plastics because the company is able to provide large volumes and flexible production at competitive rates: "M&H was very quick to react to our needs and supply us with an optimal packaging solution to enable us to capitalise on this market. Its flexibility continues to assist us in developing our expanding market across expert and professional outlets.”