M-real increases production capacity at Kyro Mill; invests in biopower plant

Published: 2-Dec-2011

Folding boxbard production grows to 190,000 tonnes per annum

Packaging supplier M-real has increased the production capacity of folding boxboard at its Kyro mill in Finland by 26%, from 40,000 tonnes per annum to 190,000 tpa.

The expansion of the Kyro site, which produces the Carta Elega and Avanta Prima folding boxboards, will enable the company to offer a better service to customers, increasing availability and shortening lead times, according to senior vp and head of M-real consumer packaging, Mika Joukio.

“We believe demand for our fresh forest fibre products will continue to increase, due to their purity, light weight and sustainability,” commented Joukio.

The company has announced it is building a biopower plant next to the Kyro mill, which will replace fossil natural gas with carbon dioxide neutral wood. The plant will use predominantly bark, chips, stumps and other discarded wood and will also provide heating for a neighbouring district. The plant is expected to open in autumn 2012 and will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 100,000 tpa.

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