Luxury companies and distributors fined for illegal price agreement


Paris Court of Appeal targets LVMH, Marionnaud, L\'Oréal and Sephora

The Court of Appeal in Paris has confirmed fines of over €40m imposed on major French luxury perfumes companies and distributors for an illegal prices agreement between producers and distributors. The fines included €13.3m for LVMH, €12.8m for Marionnaud, €5.9m for L'Oréal and €8.3m for Sephora.

The fines were originally imposed as long ago as March 2006 by the then Competition Council (CdC) and totalled €45.4m.

The total confirmed by the appeal court amounts to just over €42m. The effect of the agreement was to increase prices for consumers by at least 3% between 1997 and 2000.