Lumson's XPaper wins the 2021 ADI Design Index Award for Innovation


Now thanks to this recognition, it is in the running for the prestigious National Award for Innovation instituted by the Prime Minister’s Office

Lumson's XPaper wins the 2021 ADI Design Index Award for Innovation

XPaper, Lumson’s paper airless dispenser, got the ADI Design Index Award for Innovation. Now thanks to this recognition, it is in the running for the prestigious National Award for Innovation instituted by the Prime Minister’s Office.

XPaper didn’t get one, but rather two extremely important awards.

Lumson’s paper airless dispenser, judged one of the most innovative design products, was added to the 2021 ADI Design Index and won the Innovation Award.

A recognition with the additional advantage of placing it among the candidates for the “Award of Awards”, the National Innovation Award instituted by the Italian Prime Minister’s Office and among the products ADI named for the next Compasso d’Oro - the XXVII, to be held in 2022.

The ADI Design Index is the annual publication by ADI, an influential association for Industrial Design that gathers the best Italian design put into production, selected by ADI Design's permanent Observatory. Besides the products or product systems of each product sector, the selection also theoretical/critical, process, or business research applied to design.

Of the over 1000 candidatures the Observatory received this year, the committee selected 233 finalists divided up into different thematic areas (Design for living, Design of material and technological systems, Business research and Theoretical research) as proof of the vitality and innovative drive of Italian design. Lumson’s XPaper is one of those products.


Every year since 2008, three awards are assigned to the projects, products, and services in the contest that distinguished themselves for innovation in processes, material, technology, change in individual and social behaviors, and in the critique and research applied. This year, it was Lumson’s XPaper to win one of the three awards.

The plaque was delivered in Rome during the inauguration of the ADI Design Index exhibition.

Matteo Moretti, the Chairman of Lumson and the father of XPaper was at the ceremony.

"I’d like to thank all those who worked on developing XPaper, and who like me, believed in this project which sprang from careful market analysis, deep knowledge of the industry, and from great enthusiasm, without which it would be impossible to overcome the challenges that we face each day,” said Matteo Moretti after the awarding. “The innovation that XPaper brings is even more significant, because at its core is sustainability – a value that has become an integral part of Italian culture and design. Each product competing at the ADI Design Awards represents a process, a different way to answer market demands. XPaper represents that of Lumson and the Italian Beauty Valley which I’m proud to be part of, and that Crema is the beating heart of. An answer founded on quality, research, and innovation."


XPaper’s innovative nature mainly goes back to the material that the airless dispenser’s bottle is made out of: cardboard.

Finding an alternative to plastic or glass that is light, easy to work, sustainable, and compatible with the strict safety protocols set by the cosmetics world wasn’t easy. In fact, initially it seemed like paper wasn’t the best material to use in (primary) cosmetics packaging due to the problems with conservation of the formulas they contain. Thanks to R&D’s major strides, the situation has changed, and today there are innovative, high-performance solutions with great aesthetic appeal. Xpaper is an exemplar.

Plus, thanks to fine printing techniques, you can change a "shabby" material into a luxurious and sophisticated product that enhances the content and the container. All this, fully respecting the environment—a theme more contemporary than ever.

Currently being patented, XPaper combines safety with sustainability, another key issue for cosmetics packaging. The new paper airless dispenser is part of the big Touchless family, airless dispensers with pouches equipped with a hermetic closure patented by Lumson.

"I feel that XPaper has what it takes to become an iconic product: it is sustainable, functional, safe, and recherche," added the Chairman Moretti. "Once the product has run out, you can separate the dispenser from the bottle in paper and send it down the right recycling chain. It’s practical and safe to use, because like all of our airless dispensers with pouch, it was developed to optimally protect the product from the risk of contamination with air or other outside agents that could alter the formula. And then there’s its look. The packaging is customizable with conventional and digital printing technologies, changing into a unique product with strong personality."


The award XPaper got at the ADI Design Index takes on a deeper meaning, since the contest is considered a process for promoting the design and enhancement of innovation in companies. In fact, thanks to this recognition, ADI will name XPaper for the National Award for Innovation, the “Prize of Prizes”, instituted by the Italian Prime Minister's Office and given to manufacturers and designers at an official ceremony before the highest authorities of the State and government.

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Being added to the ADI Design Index even sends XPaper into the pool of candidates for the prestigious Compasso D’Oro, to be assigned in 2022.

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