Lumson launches a catalogue dedicated to make care


An ample and organised portfolio ideal for the new generation of cosmetic products

Lumson launches a catalogue dedicated to make care

Cosmetic hybridisation has undergone an evolution in terms of products, moving towards a multi-action, multi-benefit focus, with application systems that put packaging increasingly in the spotlight. Lumson, as an interpreter of this development and attentive towards new input and market trends, was the first in the world of cosmetic packaging to talk about make-care.

But what do we mean exactly when we talk about make-care?

“It’s about a new category of cosmetics that includes primers, foundations, highlighters, and bronzers. Make-up and skincare that overlap with each other, color that unites with skincare performance and in turn, skincare that is inspired by make-up. For these types of products, Lumson has grouped specific solutions together in one catalogue: bottles, in both an atmospheric pressure and airless version, glass jars, and a variety of plastic containers, that can be paired with several dispensing systems and accessories to create ad hoc, customisable solutions. Does the customer have a product in mind and a formula? No problem, we’ll take care of the packaging!”, explains the Lumson Marketing Team.

Glass, plastic and...

Lumson’s portfolio offers an enormous choice of design, formats, and solutions to enhance every cosmetic type, from liquids to powders. The real challenge was to compile more than 80 solutions in one complete catalogue (with solutions that meet market demands in terms of sustainability, functionality, aesthetics, and ergonomics) and at the same time, is easy to consult. Lumson succeeded. The company transformed an idea, a market need, into a concrete project giving life to a succinct, yet comprehensive system that is rich with information and extremely intuitive. In this way, finding the solution best suited to a customer’s need is easy and immediate.

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The boundaries between the various product categories are becoming more and more blurred and Lumson has the answer: “An ample range of solutions aimed at highlighting the product within, enhancing it, and protecting it from contamination risk. Bottles and jars from 5 to 40mL (also in PCR for an even more sustainable option) to airless systems from 15mL to 50ML (also available in versions with a pouch and piston to maintain maximum product integrity), and plastic tubes with applicators. A wide array of solutions to pair with just as many dispensing systems and accessories”. All of which are completely customisable with hot stamping, metallisation, digital printing, screen printing, and varnishing. “Thanks to our expertise and the sophisticated decoration technology we have available, we’re able to customise packaging chosen by the customer. A way to transform even a “standard” solution into something absolutely unique and distinctive.”

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