Lumson develops Chisel, a dropper with a functional and futuristic concept


The new elongated and ergonomic dropper is both elegant and functional

Lumson develops Chisel, a dropper with a functional and futuristic concept

Can a dropper become a product of design? The answer is yes if the dropper in question has been developed by Lumson, a leader in primary packaging production and integrated dispensing and airless systems solutions.

Combining aesthetics and functionality, Lumson, which already boasts an ample range of droppers for cosmetic use in its portfolio, has developed Chisel: a dropper with a functional and futuristic concept.

“For Lumson, new ideas are never finite and are not ends in themselves but instead bring an added value with them and innovation becomes a synonym for the research and study of new shapes, materials, and technological and aesthetic solutions.

"Lumson’s style rejects the superfluous and focuses on what’s essential, it appreciates the beauty in a simple gesture and prioritises understated elegance. The minimalist style of Chisel illustrates precise design and the delicate yet innovative application of cosmetics without ever forgetting about ease-of-use and functionality,” explains Romualdo Priore, Lumson’s Marketing Director.

The revolution of Chisel begins with aesthetics which, for Lumson, has always been tied to functionality.

The new elongated and ergonomic dropper is elegant and functional at the same time because it guarantees precision in dispensing, safety, and ease of use- crucial elements for a product destined for the cosmetic sector.

Calibrating the quantity of product to dispense with Chisel is beyond easy: all you need to do is apply slight pressure to the push-down button and that’s it!

All this without forgetting how versatile the dropper is – it has the potential to be applied to a variety of products and the possible dropper/bottle combinations are endless.

It’s ideal to use with serums, oils, liquid foundations, or luxury hair treatments, Chisel is perfectly suited to all of Lumson’s glass bottle products. The ideal solution for brands that want to stand out in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and innovation.

Chisel is the perfect example of how a dropper, something that is typically only functional, can transform into an element that truly enhances a product/brand and its characteristics.

In the world of cosmetics, raising the profile of a product is a fundamental asset that goes beyond packaging, making it into not only a simple container, but a means of communicating the values and identity of a brand.

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And today, more than ever, the “Italian touch” is sought after: that masterful mix of Made in Italy innovation, technology, and creativity of which Lumson is an ambassador all over the world.

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