Lumson combines technology, creativity and innovation


Lumson, a leader in the manufacturing of primary packaging and integrated dispensing solutions and airless systems, has always combined technology, creativity, and innovation.

Airless and Dispensing Systems

The Airless and Dispensing Systems have always been the company’s main focus which, together with its offerings of bottles, jars, and accessories created in different materials, offer integrated and personalised solutions.

In particular, there are numerous advantages that set the Airless system apart which can be summarised in five key points:

  • Protects the products from contact with the air, avoiding any possible microbial and environmental contamination
  • Reduces the risk of oxidation and external contamination with the product
  • Ensures dispensing of the entire quantity of the product
  • Suitable for all types of formulas
  • Guarantees consistent product dosing.

“After the Coronavirus emergency, packaging as a means of protecting the product from contamination or deterioration will become increasingly more important in the cosmetic world," explains Matteo Moretti, Lumson President .

"It will have to guarantee the safety and integrity of the bulk it contains and for this reason, there will be a considerable increase in demand for ‘touchless’ solutions and airless systems that avoid possible product contamination risk”.

“Touchless” the future beyond airless

In the last 10 years, Lumson, a pioneer in the development of the Airless system with Pouch, has developed different types that are all guaranteed by a patented system which guarantees absolute product purity.

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The performance of the Touchless with Pouch system is based on 4 fundamental principles:

  • Maintenance of product purity and integrity (patented by Lumson)
  • Ability to separate different materials, allowing for the various components of the packaging to be recycled appropriately
  • Gradual deflation of the pouch as product is dispensed until it is completely finished
  • The pouch is available in mono or multi-layers according to the product type and viscosity.

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