Lucas Meyer launches new products at this year’s in-cosmetics Global


The trade cosmetics show is hosted in Barcelona and runs from 31 March to 2 April


Skin hydration is of upmost importance to maintain a healthy skin. When skin gets dry, it becomes less resilient, looks dull, tends to lose its smoothness, suppleness and leads to the appearance of aging signs.

Hydrosella is a new generation of natural hydration active ingredient. Stimulating the production of organic osmolytes and their specific transporter, it accelerates keratinocytes water recovery.

Simultaneously, it restores skin barrier function by increasing lipid production and tight junction proteins. Clinically proven on active people, Hydrosella improves skin hydration by up to 56% and reduces water loss by up to -17%.

Hydrosella is naturally extracted from a unique variety of Australian Hibiscus called Wild rosella, selected for its high natural betaine content. Organically grown in a subtropical rainforest environment and China compliant, this multi-target active ingredient acts on the root cause of skin dryness providing a rapid and continuous improvement of skin hydration and reducing skin water loss up to 72 hours after application.


As a proof of efficacy, more and more cosmetic products claim a rapid action to satisfy consumers in quest of immediate visible results. Inst’Tense is a flash beauty perfector composed of concentrated specific honey locust seed polysaccharides, providing high mechanical skin tightening properties.

This highly pure galactomannan fraction has been extracted with an innovative and sustainable water-based process compliant with the 6 principles of the Eco-Extraction chart, designed to follow our sustainable eco-responsible new product development strategy.

By forming a biopolymeric network at the surface of the skin, Inst’Tense instantly and visibly minimises the appearance of wrinkles from 3 minutes after application, with a long-lasting action up to 8 hours.


IFF/Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is proposing an unconventional age-defying approach by preserving skin’s youth capital. Skin cells are capable of a finite number of cell divisions, after which they enter an irreversible growth arrest called cellular senescence.

Senescence is controlled by the shortening of chromosome terminal sequences, the telomers (internal aging clock). Critically shortened telomers activate the DNA damage response pathway, mTOR complex 1 (mTORC1), leading to senescence and dysfunction.

Narcissus tazetta (Galilee bulb), is an ornamental bulbous plant. The bulb allows the plant to cycle between growth and dormancy. When dormant, it produces DORMINs, growth inhibitors, that reversibly slow down cell proliferation.

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IBR-Dormin captures and transfers the plant dormancy concept to skin cells preserving their youthful healthy function. IBR-Dormin slows down skin fibroblast cell proliferation, preserves telomers and delays entry into cellular senescence, thereby preserving the youth capital of the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving elasticity.

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