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Skin aging is characterized by important changes of the dermis. Most of these alterations have their roots within the ECM. SKINectura™ is an innovative natural and organic active ingredient with unique properties.

It increases the production of Tenascin-X, a newly identified architectural protein. Simultaneously, SKINectura™ increases both collagen, elastin synthesis and the contractile forces of the fibroblasts.

Extracted from a beautiful red Kangaroo Paw flower, SKINectura has a multi-target mechanism, offering a 360° approach by reducing the appearances of wrinkles in eye and neck areas.

It improves skin firmness, reduces sagging skin and neck roughness with fast improvement within an hour and a building effect over time.

Natural and certified organic, SKINectura truly offers unprecedented action to rebuild the skin’s structural properties and restore the appearance of younger skin. It is China-complaint.


Extracted from a dormant summer snowflake bulb, IBR-Snowflake is a botanical, safe and pain-free, botox-like alternative. IBR-Snowflake smoothens facial expression by blocking muscle contractions and lessens the appearance of both crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles for a healthy and youthful appearance.

IBR-Snowflake also reduces sweating after exercise which makes it perfect for beauty conscious active women. China compliant & Organic versions available.


Nowadays, women under 45 years old are more concerned about the appearance of the visible signs of fatigue than signs of aging. As a result of the complementary expertise of IFF│LMR and Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, the full spectrum of olfactory molecules from fresh Damask rose petals have been concentrated in a unique synergistic extract to reveal its powerful anti-stress and anti-fatigue action on the skin.

Rosality regulates skin cell metabolism disrupted by several stressors, to protect women’s skin against the Stressosphere to promote vitality and activate glow for a more rested and uniform look proven on Asian and Caucasian skin. It is China-compliant.


Inspired by nature, IBR-Dragon® is a natural eco-designed extract from dragon fruit. Owing the super fruit high composition in microbiota nutrients, IBR-Dragon offers a new prebiotic approach in the cosmetic market.

By improving the skin microbiota, IBR-Dragon provides a stronger skin barrier that effectively protects the skin leading to a healthier, more luminous and radiant skin! China compliant and organic versions available.


IBR-UrBioTect is a natural anti-pollution active ingredient which strengthens the skin barrier function for optimal protection from urban pollution and blue light damage.

Extracted from the beautiful flower Inula Helenium, the ingredient modulates genes involved in the skin barrier function, inflammatory responses as well as ECM degradation.

It provides a complete solution helping to relieve and repair the effects of pollution (air pollution & blue light) on the leaving it hydrated, more luminous and limiting the appearance of premature aging like wrinkles and elasticity.


Lysofix is a unique pure lysophospholipid O/W emulsifier extracted from a non-GMO soybean source. Easy-to-use and cold processable, it enables the formulation of fluid lotions to creams with a silky and non-greasy skin feel.

Highly flexible, Lysofix is a very powerful emulsifier able which can be used either in cold or hot process, and is compatible with all kinds of oils, chemical and physical UV filters and pigments.

Due to the wetting properties of phospholipids, Lysofix improves the pigments dispersion, enabling the optimization of make-up and sunscreen formulas.

Lysofix is not only a performant emulsifier but has also strong active properties: it keeps the skin moisturized, while acting as a delivery system, by enhancing bioavailability and penetration of active ingredients for improved efficacy.

Lysofix also boosts elastin and collagen to fight premature aging for a healthier and more youthful look!

New concepts


Along our sustainability journey and driven by our desire to constantly innovate we, at Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, have developed several formulas using our best natural functional and active ingredients.

Biocompatible, sustainable and with low impact on environment, all our Naturama formulas are made with a limited number of ingredients without any compromise on sensoriality.

Our innovative formulas will delight customers by delivering the results they seek with the naturalness they want!

  • Natural Ageless Cream
  • Natural Age-Defying Body Lotion
  • Natural Tinted Suncare SPF30
  • Natural Purifying Pink Clay Mask
  • Natural Healthy Low Poo
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