Lipstick sales make solid gains


Sales of lipstick have increased in the US and UK

Sales of lipstick increased in the US and UK in September and October, but were weak elsewhere in Europe, according to market analyst NPD Group.

The lip segment in the US prestige beauty sector posted an 11% gain, generating $665m in the 12 months ending August 2013, while in Europe, the UK gained 8%, generating £70m in prestige lip sales.

France remained relatively flat during the same timeframe, while Italy and Spain both experienced small declines.

“In the US, lips are keeping in step with the nail colour trend this year,” said Karen Grant, VP and Global Beauty Industry Analyst at NPD Group. “Consumers are responding to the new options and innovations in beauty, and what better way than with some bold lips that make a statement?”

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Meanwhile, throughout Europe, sales of lip products are outperforming relative to units sold, especially in lip colour. “The success of lip today has international appeal,” said Grant. “Top brands that are bringing innovation to the lip category vary from make-up artists to legendary cosmetic brands to top European designer names.”