LipoTrue discovers iPeptide as a solution to biohack your sleep

A survey conducted among adults in 13 countries revealed that on average, people sleep 6.8 hours per weeknight and 7.5 hours per weekend night

It is of general knowledge that an adequate amount and quality of sleep is key to repair the damage inflicted to the body during the day. However, it is difficult to really enjoy of a regularly undisturbed sleep of 7-9 hours per night.

A survey conducted among adults in 13 countries revealed that on average, people sleep 6.8 hours per weeknight and 7.5 hours per weekend night.

Hence, the amount of sleep lost during the working week is not compensated on the weekend. Moreover, only 49% of adults are satisfied with their sleep.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has only worsened our sleep quality. Another recent survey among US adults displayed that 98% have developed new sleep problems, and 68% feel it is harder to sleep even after measures were lifted.

An additional survey showed that 60% of adults are interested in strategies to sleep better, what is known as biohacking sleep.

Sleep deprivation is associated with chronic low-grade inflammation, oxidative stress, impaired immune response, reduction of melatonin levels, and higher glucose levels. All of them induce more oxidative stress and inflammation, resulting in:

  • Hanging eyelids (sagging) and wrinkles: due to protein glycation of the ECM
  • Dark circles: The bluish colour comes from the leakage of the coloured substances of the endothelial vessels (glycation), the yellowish colour from lipid peroxidation of the epidermis, and the brownish colour comes from the brown colour of the AGEs and from hyperpigmentation due to post-inflammatory melanogenesis. Inflammation can lead to neovascularisation, so an excess of capillarity under the thin skin of the eyes can also provide a bluish-violet coloration
  • Eyebags: Deterioration of lymphatic integrity (glycation), which is not able to drain and remove waste and inflammatory substances
  • Warmth sensation due to the inflammation
  • Compromised immune system: Epidermal barrier is compromised (glycation and lipid peroxidation), low clearance of toxic substances by the lymphatic system (glycation).

Through a Big Data analysis, LipoTrue has discovered iPeptide, which modulates the exaggerated inflammatory response of the alarmin IL-33, acts as a melatonin-like, and protects skin’s proteins from glycation due to hyperglycemia because of a bad quality of sleep.

iPeptide(Acetyl Hexapeptide-8) has been developed as a solution to biohack your sleep, which has demonstrated to be an excellent candidate in fighting all the main pillars of lack of sleep.

It proved to attenuate inflammation, prevent damage caused by high levels of glucose, restore the skin immune capacity and provide a melatonin-like protection.

It also showed to improve hyperpigmentation and reinforce epidermal barrier and endothelial and lymphatic vessels, helping the skin to be more prepared to defend itself.

The in vivo results confirmed what it had been observed before. The peptide smoothed fatigue signs, opened the look, decongested eyebags, faded dark circles and provided a local cooling effect.

Fig 2. Opening of the eye

iPeptide could be considered an indispensable ingredient for cosmetics aimed at people who regularly skip sleep, which in the actual pandemic times is most of the population. It is time to start biohacking sleep with iPeptide to fight the signs of fatigue (69% of volunteers think so).

Fig 3. Volunteers self-assessment with a cream containing 3% ipeptide™ sleeping 5-6 hours/day) for 28 days.

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