Lady Burd colour blush, liquid complex and eyeliner


Lady Burd presents new intense colour blush, brightening liquid complex and improved eyeliner

Blush Perfect

This NEW highly pigmented, intense colour blush can be used to shade, brighten, enhance, and define the shape of your face. The formula glides on soft resulting in a picture perfect finish. Goes hand in hand with our finishing powders.

Brightening Liquid Complex

Directions: For day and night use. Apply evenly to face with a saturated cotton ball. Let Brightening Liquid Complex soak into skin.

Moisturising liquid solution packed with powerful ingredients to take away redness and hydrate the skin for a clean radiant glow. Incorporate into your skincare regimen by allowing the complex to soak into skin and follow with any of our moisturisers to brighten up dullness.

Indelible Eyes

Our New improved long-wear, smooth gliding formula will prevent any skipping or tugging on the lid. The intense colour will provide rich payoff that will not smudge.
Now available in 5 colours.

Algae Extract aids in healing the skin, balancing moisture and promoting skin clarity. Caffeine, anti-inflammatory, helps tighten, and reduces the appearance of dark spots.

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