L’Oréal and Poietis aim to create bioprinted hair follicles


L’Oréal has entered into a research partnership with Poietis with the aim of creating bioprinted hair follicles. L’Oréal Fellow at L’Oréal R&I Bruno Bernard tells SPC about the possibilities such innovation offers to the cosmetics sector

L’Oréal and Poietis aim to create bioprinted hair follicles

The human scalp has more than 100,000 hair follicles, all designed to produce hair. If your follicles work normally, you will maintain a full head of hair. However, as Bruno Bernard, L’Oréal Fellow at L’Oréal R&I, notes, “hair loss is becoming an important problem both for men and women”.

Last year, L’Oréal announced it was joining forces with biotech company Poietis, which specialises in developing 3D models of biological human tissues, in order to pursue a new challenge: to bioprint hair follicles.

“A hair follicle is one of the most complicated organs in the human body,” explains Bernard, who has worked in the field of hair biology for 25 years. “We have more than ...

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