L’Oréal ambassador Helen Mirren says moisturiser does 'f*** all'

The actress' colourful language has sparked debate about the product


L’Oréal Paris ambassador Helen Mirren has raised beauty industry eyebrows after claiming moisturiser “probably does f*** all”.

The 72-year-old actress was sitting on a panel organised by the cosmetics giant in the South of France when she made the remark.

“I’m not setting standards for others. All I can do is be who I am. I’ve always loved make-up,” she reportedly said.

“I’m an eternal optimist - I know that when I put my moisturiser on it probably does f*** all, but it just makes me feel better. I’ve always said to L’Oreal as well that I will only do what makes me feel better.”

Inspiring words?


Mirren was named as the face of L’Oréal Age Perfect moisturiser range in 2014.

At the time of the appointment, she said: “I have always loved the L’Oréal Paris brand, and I am truly delighted to become an ambassador and join such an impressive group of high achievers.

“I hope I can inspire other women towards greater confidence by making the most of their natural good looks. We are all worth it!”

Cosmetics Business has reached out to L’Oréal for a comment.