L’Oréal Canada opens Content Factory for employees


Those working at the company can use the studio to create original content for brands

L’Oréal Canada is putting the power of digital production in the hands of its employees.

The company has opened its first worldwide Content Factory production studio in its Montreal-based head office. The studio was created to allow employees to create original content for their brands such as how-to videos, make-up tutorials, product reviews and other custom material. The studio itself comes equipped with lighting, photography and video equipment.

Frank Kollmar, President & CEO of L'Oréal Canada, said: “The Content Factory is an invaluable tool to achieve our objective of being more agile in social media and creating integrated brand communication to encourage engagement with our brands and drive business here in Canada.”

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The studio is said to save on costs and offer practical advantages. It also allows employees to develop their content creation skills. L’Oréal Canada employs more than 1,200 people and generated sales of $1.070bn in 2014.